Tuesday, 28 April 2020

April 2020 Meeting Report


  Status:  Mission failed!

A glimmer of hope as conditions in Western Australia are starting to look up with news that groups of up to 10 people may be allowed again.  Is anyone willing to go the distance and form a P.A.C.E. group?  AKA  Perth Atari Computer Enthusiasts.  Just asking  ;-)

April 2020 teaser


  Mission:  Save the World!

Saturday, 14 March 2020

March 2020 Meeting Report

Apologies to anyone who showed up at 10:00 AM as we didn't get all officially set up and doors open 'til 11:00 AM.  This happens once in a blue moon.  If we look for a possible cause, it was possibly a subconscious desire to spend daylight saving early while the world was in the grips of going mad yet again to the latest pandemic.

We do take this seriously, so please don't attend in person if you have symptoms  (<-click the link to remind yourself.  You are of course welcome via the commenting option on this page or other eForms providing you are not a malicious computer virus, etc.

  Fantastic Voyage Atari 2600 Don&#x27;t shoot these blood cells, and don&#x27;t crash into them!

Of course we are still a long way from injecting nanobots or even miniaturised medical teams as depicted in this video game adapted from a movie, into the blood stream to fight off nasties like coronavirus.  So instead we watched video reviews of 3-D printers

  Naomi Wu demonstrating how to configure a Raspberry Pi 2

This one gotta lot of views (click on the picture above to watch.  Parental guidance recommended, this woman clearly needs a bigger table in my opinion)

  Image result for maker's muse

I liked the brutal honesty of this slick production (enough said.  Click on the picture above to watch).

And keep up to date by checking out melbpc.org.au & melcc.org.au for the latest until next month

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

February 2020 Meeting Report

Alright so the Nintendo Owner showed up without switch, so it was back to Plan B which took the shape of the December Meeting & YouTube Kids and we ended up watching such screen gems as Mario Party 9, Zig & Sharko and Oggy and the Cockroaches on the big screen via projector. 

  Image result for mario party 9 

  Image result for zig & sharko 

  Image result for oggy and the cockroaches 

Plus an array of classic Atari console games via emulation & the projector,etc. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

February 2020 teaser

  Playhouse Strip Poker atari screenshot

No, this won't appear at the meeting.  It's just a teaser!

(Screenshot from French Publisher Ackosoft.)

The plan this Meeting is to get a (ok!  A little off topic here, it's not an Atari product) Nintendo Switch to run on the big screen.  Yes, this product of Japan has been designed as a hybrid that can be used as a handheld a la Atari Lynx but can also be used on a big screen TV.  Something that Atari Lynx's fan of the era would have loved to have but which would have been difficult to achieve as the Lynx's custom graphics chips were dedicated to driving it's in-built LCD display.  The display was not limited to fixed frame rates & the Lynx custom chips could deliver a truly variable frame rate which could be set to say 60 fps but could be pushed as high as 78 fps

If you're an Atari Lynx hardware expert be sure & add a comment if you'd like to elaborate or if any of the above info is incorrect (I once posted on an Atari Lynx newsgroup that the card/cartridge size was 256K because I was going on my memory but the typical size is 128K with a few exceptions that are 512K such as Jimmy Connors' Tennis)

  California Games - Screenshot

  Jimmy Connors' Tennis - Screenshot

Yes, I've tried be Atari relevant!

Monday, 20 January 2020

January BBQ 2020 Meeting Report

Nice one Gra!

While others of us were out subjecting ourselves to heatstroke at a Lake Reserve.  Graham was planning a baseball adventure, contemplating the latest lego brick exhibition and swinging this one our way


Yes, more operating systems than you could POKE a stick at. And the Atari Falcon 32-bit OS GEM gets a mention

Not finding that Atari 400 that you want on the shelves of Myer Melbourne. One of the regulars at Science & Tech Projects Group shared the following with us

  Click here!  (Yes it is a long ULR isn't it)

  Championship Baseball atari screenshot

<related pics? Maybe another member of MACE can give it a go & edit this post?>

Monday, 13 January 2020

January 2020 teaser

Suggest a location for the annual MACE Barbecue!

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And you could become the involved in this mighty fine event...

Atari Beef Drop
Screen shot from Beef Drop

bringing a salad is optional