Saturday, 17 November 2012

November meeting report

Another month, another meeting! Tom was so loathe to miss the excitement and adventure of the 18th Nov meeting that he cycled 3 hours, through "fire and ice", the pain barrier, and murderous mini-vans from Broadmeadows to 479 Warrigal Rd! We watched a few gameplay videos and demo's for the ST, Amstrad CPC, and Spectrum ZX81 to fill in the time, before starting a "wildcard" round of the ST Offline Tournament, in which we chose to play Klaz's patched version of Fire and Ice.
Next meeting will be on the 9th, instead of the 16th as would be expected from the "third Sunday of every month" rule. We'll be meeting at Monty's place instead of the usual location as well, so be aware!

Finally, we did a bit of ST-spotting! An ST can be spotted in a few fleeting frames of "Enter Space Capsule", by Gerling, an Australian eletro-pop band.