Saturday, 19 July 2014

July Meeting

Notes and minutes from the July meeting, for future reference for those of us with early onset alzheimers. Today the theme seemed to be doing a bit of a roundup of various contemporary projects to make Atari-compatible computers. There was also a little bit of gaming in there at the end...
  • MiST FPGA board which can be compatible with (depending on the core loaded) the Atari STE, Amiga, ZX81, Atari XL, Colecovision, and Atari 2600. We saw on GEMBench it was about 10 times faster than a standard STE. Midi is available via a midi add-on. Discussion here, video here.
    In a nutshell, this project delivers a very fast STE, as opposed to a very fast TT as per the ACP project below.
    Links: Here is the Atari-forum subforum dedicated to discussing MiST Board layout and current main project page
  • Medusa systems latest project is the "Atari Coldfire Project". (Also see wikipedia article). It has a 266mhz coldfire CPU (as compared to the 16mhz of Falcon, 32mhz of the TT, and best-case 100mhz of a Falcon with the CT60). This project has also been known as the "Firebee" project.
    In a nutshell this is a very fast TT.
  • The CT60 Falcon accelerator - and the dedicated DHS CT60 forum
  • If you are using one of these new systems, or indeed any high-end Atari from the STE and up (ie Falcon, TT, Mega STE, accelerated machines e.g. CT60 etc) you will encounter compatibility problems in the ST games library. You can find patched versions of many games at and DBUG/Automation
  • Finally, unrelated to the above we did play a little IK+, as well as a few rounds of the new remake of Pacmania (Download from this thread if you are an atari-forum member, or download a version I've uploaded here). An overview of the project is here