Saturday, 20 August 2011

Atari ST2 coming in 2011!

"Intel Core2 Quad 1066MHZ, 8GB Ram, Geforce 460"... and so on, or so reads the promo for an apparent new release from Atari in 2011, the Atari ST2.

The Atari ST2, coming to a store near you in 2011! Or is it?

But alas for Atari Enthusiasts galaxy wide the advertisement is a fake, and the glowing Atari-branded machine depicted nonexistent outside of the mind and virtual reality of German 3D artist Sven Dännart.
The painstakingly modelled and rendered images were created using Lightwave10.

We here at MACE, while very impressed with the concept, artistic vision, and execution, do not think it's anything we couldn't knock out with an Atari 520ST, a text editor, a copy of Persistence of Vision (POV) and 24,000 hours of rendering time. Back in the old days.

~~UPDATE April 2014~~
Alas it looks like the source for this post where the artist discussed this project are now gone. I can't find it in an internet archive either. All I can offer you are the following original images I found on my hard drive from when I posted this article a few years ago:


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