Monday, 12 September 2011

ST Offline Tournament Rnd 17 - Ork

This round of the ST Offline Tournament features Ork, by Psygnosis (1992) and will be played at the next meeting!
Score submissions and round discussion to be found over at if you want to play along from home.

I must be frank (with a lower case 'f') and confess I haven't yet figured out how to get a working copy of the game! The Atarimania download (like all Atarimania downloads) is of an original, uncracked image of the disk. Therefore, you need the game manual to answer the copy-protection questions!
The D-Bug version does not appear to work! I've tried it in Steem and Hatari, with Tos 1.02, Tos 2.06, and EmuTOS!

Oh well, here's a screeshot! (from the Amiga version)

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