Saturday, 15 October 2011

Vaguely Relevant Happenings Of The Last 30 Days

ST Offline Tournament Number 4 has finished! The fifth season will start in early 2012, but in the meantime there won't be any games on our agenda (at least for STOT purposes!). Discussion on the games selection list for 2012 here.
Andrew was able to represent MACE in the last round playing Son Shu Shi
Andrew showing them how it's done in Son Shu Shi!

The Atari Flashback 3 went on sale in KMart at the beginning of October. Unlike Flashback 2, the hardware of which was the original 2600 circuitry shrunk down and implemented on one chip, the Flashback 3 console runs an emulation engine on an Arm processor. This makes the hardware virtually impossible to hack and modify, and hence adding a cartridge port to play original 2600 games (as was frequently done with the Flashback 2) is not possible. However, the Flashback 3 retains its 9 pin joystick ports and the ability to use any original Atari compatible joystick. Perhaps we can sell the MACE stockpile of joysticks after all!
The Atari Flashback 3 went on sale on Australian KMart stores at the beginning of the month

Atari scener Grey, who you may know if you visit such sites as DHS made a recent appearance on Polish TV along with his Atari collection. It's all in Polish but you get the idea!

You would probably have had to be living under a rock (or on holidays!) to not have heard the sad news of the passing of Steve Jobs last week. Less difficult it would have been, perhaps, to miss the news that the equally influential Dennis Ritchie, co-creator of C, Unix, and the famous "K&R" had also left us.

Meanwhile over at Sony security woes with the Playstation network continued, with a number of users accounts being compromised. This is seen by many in the industry as continued retaliation by Anonymous for numerous previous incidents of corporate heavy-handedness

Finally, I should mention that Andrew and myself had a great time at Monty's last Sunday! We managed to solve Monty's Falcon issues, and expect a spate of Falcon creativity from Monty in the near future ;-)

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