Saturday, 16 December 2017

December 2017 Meeting Report

Possible Run of New Jaguar Pro-Controllers
'was the 8th nigh' before Christmas(, well actually day(Sunday), although in Greenwich it would be the wee-small hours of night) and the meeting was held.  A convener, an attendee - "Who could ask for anything more" (Ok, we'll be asking for more next year as we wind down from this year).

Do you have a need for Jaguar Pro-Controllers?  At a reasonable price?  Here's the proposal we found at AtariAge  Why do I need this you ask?  So you can play the following Jaguar games of course!

New Jaguar Games
We also played some of this on the computer as we discovered a little more about Ken Sider

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  1. Thanks for the tip, had not seen these Jaguar cardridges before. Nice boxes. I played Llamatron on my GPD XD handheld in the suburban train a lot.