Saturday, 15 March 2014

BadMooD Alpha for Atari Falcon 030

January 2014 saw the technically mind-boggling resurrection of the first Doom engine to appear on the Atari Falcon, BadMooD.
The latest release achieves amazing results considering that it runs on a standard 16mhz 030 Falcon. The framerates are very playable, and unlike earlier versions there is full true-colour texture mapping of floors and ceilings and lighting effects which not only equal but exceed the features of the original Doom engine made for the PC. This may be due in some part to the fact that unlike most Doom engines available today BadMooD is not based on the officially release C sourcode of Doom, but was written entirely independently based on the old WAD viewer of the 90's, DView.
It can be downloaded from Douglas Little, the authors, site. Or, as always, can be previewed in the following video!
If you want to quickly remind yourself of the Doom experience, you can play it in your web browser here.

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