Thursday, 17 April 2014

April's Meeting(s) and other news

Just a quick update as I run out the door for some camping (let's hope the rain stops!).
  • Firstly, Mace WILL be meeting this Easter long weekend on Sunday the 20th of April. Some members may also be meeting the following weekend (27th), to be confirmed. Same bat time, same bat channel
  • Assuming low attendance this Sunday, I plan on putting some more research and work into an article that documents every Doom, Wolf, first person shooter or other real-time first person perspective game on the ST and Falcon or other Atari machine (Jaguar excepted, as they are not as remarkable on that platform).

    So far I have BadMood Alpha for the Falcon, The Running, pmDoom for 060+, Wolfenstein 3d (Ray tscc), Legends of Valour, Substation, Hellgate (rough STOS basic 3D shooter), an old ST WAD viewer I need to track down, Midi Maze, a very fast Midi maze clone that was ST Format cover disk that I recall, some 3d construction kit RPG's I recall being common like Darkside and Castle II? Xybots would be scraping the bottom of the barrel?
    If you have any to add to the list, please leave them in the comments.
  • VideoGamesNewYork shopfront
    on 6th Street in New York, USA
  • Of interest to most readers of this blog I am sure is a retro gaming shop recently brought to my attention on, of all places, a picture gallery on Imgur!
    The shop, VideoGamesNewYork, looks to be a veritable nirvana for retro-gaming geeks and stranded time travellers trying to get back to the 1980's alike. If ever one goes to New York, this surely has to have displaced the Empire State Building as the most important site for us to visit, fellow Atarians!
  • Finally, I have noticed that most of the traffic to this blog goes to an old entry on fictional, wishful update to the Atari ST range for the new millenium, the ST2. I noticed that the links given were dead, and the pictures gone. I've updated it and added some more pictures I happened to have on my hard drive, so hopefully those wandering in from google and elsewhere on the information super highway will find it useful again for a while.

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  1. Hey it's a comment from me, MACE Atari, I seemed to have slipped into an old skool alter remembering back to the early 80s when you could go into the MYER department store in Melbourne where they would be selling the Star Raiders game for use with Atari. Will they be releasing that for use with the Atari 2600 we would ask? No, not possible, the salesman would reply, it isn't powerful enough, you will need to purchase either an Atari 400 or 800 computer. Opps! A short while later we hear news that Activision has released a remarkably similar game for the Atari 2600 titled Starmaster or at least that is how the faded memory of this alter of MACE Atari goes. So yes, please add Star Raiders and Starmaster to the list, I think they qualify